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Sex is Zero

Saekjeuk shigong


Raunchy comedy/drama starring pop idol Lim Chang-jung (see JAKARTA) as a hapless college schlub who falls for Miss Popularity, who conveniently happens to be dating the biggest prick on campus and is therefore blind to Lim's hopeless overtures until she gets knocked up and beaten silly by her embarrassed mother.

Often feels like an idealized male-centric filmization of the director's unrequited college romance, except that here the dream girl is made to suffer unspeakable anguish before she wises up to the man who really cares about her.

Im Chang Jung
Ha Jin Won
Choi Seong-Guk
Jin Jae-Yeong

Contains graphic scenes of violence and/or sexual nature. Not for children
[PART 1]
[PART 2]